Thursday, January 27, 2011

As requested

All right Tony, fair’s fair. All though my story doesn’t bring anything new to the table. If I was a real writer instead of a blogger I would probably accuse myself of plagiarism.

So a long long time ago or ya know, back in the 80’s, I lived in a haunted house. And I’m not just talking our skinny stalker, I mean legitimately haunted. Stomping footsteps coming from the attic in the middle of the night, the furniture in me and my little sister’s bedroom moving around the room by itself, the closet door that used to fling itself open despite us wedging it closed with a chair. My sister and I had the bedroom from hell. Even to this day, we tell people about how we had the literal monster in our closet. Which I always assumed when I was little that the monster in the closet was the same as the monster in the corner, but knowing what I know now, that might not exactly be the case.

Ok getting a head of myself. What actually pertains to the requested story is the monster in the corner. I feel so stupid sometimes for not making the connection until the faceless freak showed up here. But it always stood in the far corner of the bedroom where the shadows were the darkest. We never saw its face or rather the lack of. Me and my sis, we called it the Spiderman because we could see its arms and legs and they were too damn long for its body. That’s the part that bothers me even more than its face. Those limbs are just too long they shouldn’t be able hold up like that the length needs an extra joint but somehow it just-

Ok yeah enough of that before I type myself into a panic attack. I don’t remember whether it was me or her that started calling it the Spiderman, but we were both terrified of it. Gee I wonder if that might have anything to do with my arachnophobia issues? /Sarcasm

It never did anything to us, but we knew it was watching us, just standing in the corner of our bedroom and we would huddle in our beds. It usually waited until we fell asleep before showing up. We had bunk beds and I would wait until my parents said good night and shut the door before climbing down the side of the bed (they took the ladder away when they put us to bed. Always said it was because they didn’t want me climbing down to play when I was supposed to be sleeping, but I wonder…gonna think more on that later) I would climb into my sister’s bed, making her get towards the wall, putting my body in front of hers. I was the big sister and I had to protect her from the monster. It’s amazing how brave you can be when you’re little. I don’t know if I could put together that kind of courage as an adult.

So it was an almost nightly ritual where at some point in the night one of us would wake up, see it there, wake up the other, and we would huddle together in bed doing our best not to scream or cry. Eventually it would disappear, teleport out I suppose. I’d climb back into my bed, and we would pass out until morning. We did this for a few years. It disappeared gradually. Sightings went from nightly to weekly to nothing for months straight, to finally nothing at all.

Fast forward twenty some odd years into the future where I had a quiet day at work. Decided to be a naughty little wench and instead of finding some random filing to do, I went web browsing. Have you ever heard the phrase “TV Tropes will ruin your life”? Well I never realized it was going to be literal. Found their page on the faceless wonder and thought it was the greatest thing I had ever seen. Told multiple friends and family members about it, watched every video I could find. Didn’t get into the blogs back then.

So maybe two months after I started watching the videos, I got together with my younger brother and mentioned this stuff to him. He listened to me describe it and gave me a look like I was making a bad joke. “Kay, isn’t that the same as the monster that you and ------ (not typing my sister’s name here) saw when we were kids?” My brother never saw it, but he knew the two of us well enough to know that we hadn’t made that one up. I’m guessing I didn’t look too good for a minute there cause he made me sit down and got me a cup of water. And I’ll tell ya I didn’t feel too good either. I had never forgotten about the Spiderman, but I hadn’t connected it to freaky face either. After I stopped feeling like I might pass out I went home.

I saw it for the first time that night, well first time as an adult. Standing in my backyard as if it had always been there. I stared for a minute and the monster raised one of those disgusting too long arms at me and I knew it was making fun of me, saying hi remember me?

It’s only been going on here for about a month. And I spent the first few weeks going back and forth between denial and general nuttery. Not gonna get into that, you’ve all been there. It was about a week and a half ago that I started going to bed and waking up in other places. No proxies yet and I’m really not sure what I’m going to do if one shows up. I’m a witch not a warrior. Deal with it if it comes I suppose.

In other news, Experiment 1 began last night and I am feeling cautiously optimistic about it so far. I’ll need to get the same results for at least another four nights in a row before I can even tentatively call it a success, but as soon as I have some real results I’ll post them here. In the meantime, I’m going to perform a kind of side experiment. That’s one that is going to have one of three outcomes.

1. It works and causes some kind of damage.
2. It doesn’t work and I get away from it before it kills me.
3. It doesn’t work and this is my last blog post.

I gotta say, I wasn’t feeling this ballsy when I originally I conceived of doing this. Anything offensive was going to be last resort type deals. But the more I read Ava’s blog, the more I feel inspired. Like she said “If you’re already dead, what’s the worry?”

I do have one huge regret though. My brother who I mentioned earlier? Well he’s always been ballsy, especially when he shouldn’t. So when I told him about this he decided to go and try to find it himself. I don’t think he’s actually seen our special friend yet, but he’s been blogging his findings and was attacked by what he suspects is one of its toy terrorists. If I could take anything back it would be dragging him into this mess.

Shoulda woulda coulda, right? All I can do is what comes next. And you know what? I think I’m really starting to look forward to tonight’s experiment. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to tell you about it tomorrow.


  1. Huh, when I was a kid no one was ever scared of it. Guess it has a different effect on every person, kid or adult. You had anything else happen to you other than the moving? I hate when those happen, but if it's just that then you're relatively safe.

    So you're a witch, eh? How exactly does that work?

  2. Some dead animals in the backyard and one rather Silent Hillesque morning where I did my normal half asleep stumble into the bathroom to take a shower and discovered my sink holding about an inch of blood. Can't say I'm even relatively safe with the moving though. It likes to make me go play outside. If wandering barefoot and in my pj's through the 3 feet of snowing currently sitting on the ground doesn't screw me, walking in the middle of the road five minutes away from a highway entrance will.

    How does being a witch work? Well under normal circumstances it works much like any other belief system. Christians pray, Buddhists meditate, witches incant. Under current circumstances however, I'm hoping to make things have a different effect.

    I get into more detail in my first few posts, but my current theory is if a possibly eldritch definitely humanoid abomination can exist, then why can't metaphysical methods work on it? So far conventional weapons don't harm it. So I'm gonna try something unconventional. Right now I have high hopes for at least coming up with defenses.

  3. Oooh, dead animals. Those are always fun. And I dunno what Silent Hill is, but my guess is it's bad if you found blood in the sink. So it's moving you then? Might wanna start wearing shoes to bed so you don't get frostbite.

    Huh, I never thought of it that way. I don't think I'd ever try my hand at magic-stuff myself but if you could do something with this, it would be a step forward.

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  5. Oh I see, you're being hunted by Slenderman. I don't know much about Slenderman, but it seems that it's quite the character. I hope it doesn't mess you up too badly!