Sunday, August 14, 2011

This is Ryan. I know that most of you have no reason to want to hear from me at all, but Kay isn't doing very good right. She started drinking a few hours ago and hasn't stopped since. If any of you actually know her offline, maybe you should call her or something? Right now she's sitting in the backyard screaming and daring the Slender Man to come and get her. And she may be tiny, but when I tried to pull her inside I got to find out how good her left hook is.


  1. Me and Ryuu were going to head over there anyway. I'll call her. We'll be there soon.

  2. I'd get over there myself, but I'm sure she doesn't want the FBI tracking me to her, it's best if I stay away. Ryan, not sure if I can really trust you, but you better keep her safe for me.