Wednesday, March 30, 2011

AmalgamationSage here. We got Kay in the hospital. Everyone's alive and intact. Jumping Jesus Christ on Crutches, how the hell did we pull this off? Well, Hakurei Ryuu is writing up the opening of what happened, and I guess I'll close it. Lord knows I need a minute for my brain to settle. I've seen some messed up things in my time, but this ranks pretty high up there.

The doctor says Kay will be alright. We threw together a crummy story about finding someone working her over in an alleyway. They're not asking any follow-up questions. Why are they not following us up on our obvious load of BS? I am not comfortable with this little scrutiny. I could swear we're being watched. I've worked as a Janitor before. That Janitor was far too well muscled, far too alert for someone whose soul is crushed by monotony, and I know from experience that you can hide a lot of things in a custodial cart. Then again, I might be insane.

We'll be keeping watch.


  1. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you. Gods only know to what degree He and his buddies have infiltrated the hospital, or any other place for that matter. Hope it's just your imagination. Best of luck to you and to Kay.

    Love Under Will

  2. ...if doctors at Mexico's border (inside) don't ask too many questions, and you can buy almost any type of medicaments without medical recipe...

    ... also, ...nevermind

    Just in case.

  3. They should follow up on your huge load of bullshit.

  4. Sorry.

    I insulted you.

    And now you're hurt.

    I didn't know...

  5. It doesn't matter how you pulled it off, but you did, and so yay.