Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's been almost three weeks of Kay being catatonic, semi catatonic? She still swallows if I feed her, but she wouldn't chew so I've had her on smoothies and vegetable juice, stuff like that. I was too scared to bring her to a hospital. The Slender Man has agents everywhere right? So I've been taking care of her here. How much of a triumph would it have been for one of those assholes to off her while she was completely helpless?

And it's good thing I was here. We get attacked almost daily. No one particularly capable. Morons that try to get me to open a door for them mostly. The Slender Man doing his normal loom outside the window. He still hasn't come inside her house. I found a gun sitting in her dresser drawer. Looking back over her blog I guess its the same one that her boyfriend gave her, that Spender guy.

Not much else to report. The only reason I'm even posting right now is to let you proxy assholes know this. She's protected. After everything she has done and everything that those other proxies and bloggers like that Morningstar and Elaine pair did to her, and most of all after what I did to her, I'm making sure that she is safe until she wakes up. And she is going to wake up. She's too damn strong not too.


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  2. You know I tend to not bother messing with the comments on this thing cause I have no idea what Kay will or will not want to see when she wakes up. But in this case, I don't think she'll mind that much. Deleted.