Thursday, April 21, 2011

My attempt at analysis

Ok got the pictures scanned and brought them home on a flash drive. They charge way too much gods be damned money to scan things at Staples, but at least I got it done. Some of them are still going to be hard to see since they’re pencil drawings but here they are. I still don't understand what they mean, but here's what I know so far.

1. The first one is a woman standing in a bedroom. She appears to be holding a diamond or some other kind of gem in her hand. The word "Warned" is written to the left of her.

2. Next we have what appears to be the same woman holding a handful of dirt. The words "Do Not" appear, then a close up of the hand with the dirt starting to slip through the woman's fingers. Finally a close up of her face with...something reflected in her glasses and the words "Do You See" are written under her right eye.

3a. This almost appears to be an Operator symbol. It's a drawn circle, with a cross cut out through it instead of an X.

 3b. But then we get to the other side of the page where there are some kind of...worms with teeth and limbs?

 4. The fourth page shows the woman running from one of the worm things. There is another cut out to the left of the creature, this time creating a rectangle shape.

5. This one is almost definitely Zero's Bleeding Tree. There are two bodies hanging in the branches. A figure, most likely the woman again, stands at the bottom of the page, facing towards the tree. The word "End" is to the right of her.

I still have no idea what to think. But my question still stands. Remnant, how the hell do you know where I live? And we'll add a second question to this post. Since you have made a point of discovering my location, are you planning on adding my arm to your collection?


  1. okay, les'see...

    most of this seems to speak on a purely symbolic standpoint, rather than psychological.

    the diamond, which turns to dirt in the girl's hand. indicative of false promises, illusions, or anything else that's not all it's cracked up to be.

    when you dig/probe too deeply into an operator symbol, monsters come out. the way slenderman spreads, obviously, and possibly indicating this "corruption" Zero keeps talking about.

    that rectangular opening? that's basically what the larger operator symbol (or whatever) on the other page would look like if you folded open the flaps. almost as though the symbol is a hole to another dimension, at least in his mind. and notice that the monsters would all crawl outward if you open it that way. again, i'm reminded of the "corruption".

    the people impaled upon the bleeding tree... both of them were in the photobucket drawings. the one on the left is Amelia, but it's not clear who the other is. he's definitely there, but... it's possible that he's symbolic too. it all depends on what was intended with some of the other pictures.

    also, the bleeding tree looks different than before. what are those square-ish things impaled into it? o_O

    i have no idea what to make of the words scattered throughout. they seem like standard slender-induced ramblings.

    finally... this just occurred to me, but i wonder how distinct a personality Remnant is from zerosage. Remnant made all of the photobucket drawings, i believe, but does that mean anything? and you address Remnant specifically with these drawings now... maybe i'm grasping at straws, but it strikes me as significant. like there's something Zero as a whole wants you to know, but zerosage won't or can't say it, so Remnant is trying as best he can...

    that's all i've got for now, i guess. any sudden revelations in the dead of night, and i'll be sure to let you know.

  2. Wow you are impressive Hakurei. Well I was just using the name Remnant because that how he and I first started talking...if you can call that talking. That and well to my knowledge he has never once responded to my questions or statements under the zerosage account.

  3. What a gloriously intriguing dilemma we have here. Now, the worm things...they remind me of something, something nasty, but I can't quite put my finger on it. My apologies.

  4. There's a multitude of simple, giant worm creatures...sandworms and the like. I am partially reminded of the legends of both Charybdis and Scylla...for some reason mandrakes come to mind.

    Leeches! That's what I was thinking of. Leeches. The drawings resemble greatly leeches, both artistic representations and real ones...which makes sense. If the Veil is being drawn back, ripping apart, then it seems fit that creatures would come from the other side and attempt to suck out our world's metaphysical blood.

    My apologies again, but this time for a second comment.

  5. No don't apologize. It's an interpretation and I need all the help I can get right now. Extra comments are not a bother if they can help me figure out what he's trying to say.

  6. Yes...yes, very well then. If, though it seems very obvious, that is sir Zerosage's Bleeding Tree, leeches once again make sense.

    Well. Let me see what I can think of.

    In the first, the woman (shall we call her W, for the sake of simplicity?) has a poster on her wall of a character and some text, likely some famous musician or similar. W is likely a younger woman or possibly a teenager. We have not determined who she is meant to be, yes? W's bed has the design of a heart on it, also symbolic of youth and of course love. W has a jacket in her other hand...perhaps she travels much? And perhaps since it is a bedroom, the gem is but a dream - symbolic of hopes, riches, et cetera. There are also three smaller pictures in front of looks like a collection of geometric shapes, another like a flower, and the last like a Greek Delta...or a hole, a tunnel of some sort. Warned - what is W warned of? That her dream shall not come to fruition? That the gem will turn to dust?

    The gem turns to this dust, or dirt - anyway it is a non-valuable material. DO NOT - believe in your dreams? DO NOT - hope? DO NOT - look for a goal? Then, do you see. The images reflected on the right side of W's glasses give me an image of meteors or comets or shooting stars and the like. On the left...perhaps mountains? A great ordeal - making a mountain out of a molehill and all that.

    Onto the leeches. If the cuts symbolize, for example, the Veil breaking, then it is a clever representation of these inter-dimensional leech monsters crawling into our world, and, perhaps since it is in the form of an "Operator" symbol, these things or the Veil breaking is in relation to the Businessman.

    The next, very simple. A leech has broken into the world nearby W and attacked her. She is running for a door...looking for a way out, but perhaps locked in? In this picture the leech looks more lizard-like.

    The Bleeding Tree...those two rectangles seem to me to be eyes. Blank, empty, all-seeing eyes. The two marks above its eyes seem like those of a furrowed brow, as if in concentration or anger or sadness. As for the people in the tree? I cannot fathom who it would be besides Amelia. On the right...yes...very confusing, that truly piques my interest, oh, dear. I'm going to be itching on that for a long time...but it could be Zerosage, or one of the various Redlights, or Robert, or Reach, or anyone, really. I find it likely that it is sir Zerosage. Perhaps W will have to journey to the Bleeding Tree - in Zerosage's stead - when Zerosage is taken in by the Tree.

    Then, END. The end of this story? The end of W? The end of the Bleeding Tree? The end of the Businessman? The end of death, pain, hate, torment? The end of Zerosage? Or just the end of a journey?

    I have tried. Perhaps I have given some ideas.

  7. I think the worm things relate to one of Zero's old posts.

    He had a nightmare or something where the ceiling above him had a bix wet operator symbol forn, and then those worms showed up. I'll see if I can link you to the post...

    There. The things he described there might be the same as your drawings. I hope this helps at least a little.

  8. hm. it's got the walls peeling back like paper too. interesting.

  9. The last drawing may be suggesting that 'W' will have a similar vision or end like Wayward brother.

    Those ¡leeches' actually disturb me, maybe more difficulties may approach, of the same nature or origin like Winged. Or it may be like a labyrinth..

    Who knows, maybe we are thinking it too much (already my personal phrase).

  10. Yes, yes! Very good, Sammie, very good...they formed from water, turned into water when he felled them...

  11. Water; again, leeches...I think too hard of the similarities, but I do very much like the comparison.

  12. Ok lots of things to address here.

    @Guess I think you've got some good ideas here although I cannot possibly fathom why I'm being sent pictures about some random teenage girl. Then again I can't fathom why I'm being sent these pictures at all.

    @Sammie Amazing catch! How did I miss that? I've read that post so many times! So I guess Zero thinks that those things are going after W as well?

    @Keiken When I receive a package of drawings from someone who should not have any reason or way to send me a package, I'm going to say no such thing as thinking too much. And I agree with your opinion about that last drawing. Seems to me that whoever W is, she's in deep trouble.

  13. That is the question, is it not? Once we find the identity of W, we will be able to understand the rest of it, no doubt.

  14. He might just want to 'W' see the drawings, to warn her. W might be related to you, or might be someone who follows the blog.

    Maybe the plan was for her to see, but not to speak.

  15. Do you have a secret admirer Kaylin Kitten? From what I've read you better hope he gets to you before I do. He'll be kinder.

  16. @Kay: That'd be my only guess. Hopefully she doesn't have to deal with those things too much.

    Hey, possibly stupid question, but with the whole water theme going on here, is there anyway this stuff is connected to Lucien's freaky lake?

  17. -Ignoring unnecessary comments-

    Which lake, could you please send me a link?

  18. does kind of come with the territory, does it not?

    And, yes. The lake. I am afraid I am not familiar with it.

  19. The lake is something my brother is dealing with. I don't think they're connected, but who knows?

  20. Analysis: upload commencing. Upload complete. Analysis:

    Subject: Kaylin Davies. Status: Stable. Abilities: High. Emotional status: Strong. Threat level: High. Intelligence level: High. Potential: High. Danger: High.

  21. Attempted analysis of drawings: upload commencing. Upload complete. Analysis:

    Drawing one: Subject "W" has hopes, dreams, and everything she could wish for. She has a good life.

    Drawing two: Subject "W" has lost it all. She has found a new truth which is very frightening to her.

    Drawing three: Abnormal organic lifeforms are entering Subject "W"'s world. They may or may not be connected to the |OC|.

    Drawing four: The abnormal organic lifeforms are chasing Subject "W".

    Drawing five: Subject "W" has walked a path many have walked before. She must now overcome a great difficulty that no other has bested.

    Analysis difficult. Analysis incomplete.

  22. Not much has been said that I wouldn't have said. I want to hear Remnant/Zero's thoughts on the matter.

  23. Now isn't this interesting? Someone is being naughty!