Sunday, April 24, 2011

My mother called me today. Wants to know why I won’t come over for Easter dinner. Called bullshit when I said well it’s not my holiday. Pointed out that it’s never stopped me from coming over before. I bullshitted her some more, practically hung up on her. And I realized that if I want to try and keep her safe, I am never going to see my mother again. And then I had a few drinks and that made me think about what other things I am probably not going to live long enough to see or do.

Become a mother
The Doctor Who  50th anniversary
The final book of The Wheel of Time
The new Dark Tower Novel
Kingdom Hearts 3
The next Presidential election
The end of the recession
My dinner date with Cathy
My 31st birthday

Big day tomorrow. Two weeks, right Tom?
Let’s go.


  1. -hugs tight- It's not fair. It's never fair, none of it. But we keep trying anyway.

    Now go put Tommy-boy in his place.

  2. Just remember, my weapons are always at your disposal, as well as my services. Afterall, what kind of brother would I be if I didn't offer to help?


  3. What are you talking about, of course you're going to live and have that dinner date with me. You're too strong to die, Kay. And when we finally meet up it's going to make everything better.

  4. Love you guys. Except you Morningstar.