Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another year

I’m thirty one today. This is rather unexpected. I really didn’t think I was going to survive this long, but here I am. For the first time I’m feeling grateful to have grown another year older.

You’ll have to pardon my silence for the past few days. While I did escape the tree alive, I didn’t escape it completely unharmed. Mentally, it's been a little rough. It's hard to stay asleep when the squirrels running across my roof make me jump awake thinking its the leeches. And not a single night has gone that I haven't dreamt of the trees eyes staring into me. Physically, things have been a little bit off.

I was a rather disturbing sight when I got home and actually saw myself in the mirror. There were trails of dried blood coming from my eyes, ears, and nose. When I washed it all off, I didn’t see any wounds, so I can only assume that I had actually bled from those areas at some point during my journey through the wanna be Silent Hill. My best guess would be that it happened when I saw the tree. That pressure that I felt building inside my head would probably explain that kind of bleeding. I didn’t really think about it once I finished cleaning myself up. I did my best to put it out of my head until I had a couple of dizzy spells. Almost falling over while trying to repaint a living room wall is not very fun. Took me forever to get the paint out of my hair and it still smells like olive oil.

So happy birthday to me, I went to the doctor this morning. So very glad that I bargained keeping my insurance as part of my severance package. She couldn’t find anything wrong with me which was quite a relief. She wants me to go get a couple of tests just to be safe, but she told me not to stress too hard about it. Actually since I couldn’t really tell her about being trapped in another world with a tree of evil covered in giant leeches, I ended up going with the explanation of well I’m out of work and I only have this many months left on my severance and I’m just not getting enough sleep. She believes that my dizziness is caused by nothing more then good old fashioned stress, which let’s face it folks, that could easily be true. Deities know that I have plenty of it in my life.

She took around half the blood out of my body today, and I’ll be going for one or two more tests during the next week, but again, she’s not worried, so I’m not going to worry either. Well I’ll try at least. I’m just getting awfully tired of tired of doctors. I’ve seen them way too much in the past few months.

And tonight I get to have a lovely distraction. Ryuu and Sage are still here, so I’m baking a cake and making my birthday dinner for the three of us. I’ve had so much company lately; I’m actually not sure how well I’m going to cope when the house is empty again.

Oh well, cross that bridge when we come to it, right? For now, I’ve been informed that “I am still young and need to have a birthday party damn it” although I’m a little confused about how it’s going to be a party with just three of us. Considering that one of the three is Amalgamation Sage however, maybe I should be more worried then confused.


  1. That'd be three + the squirrels.

  2. The Mad Ventriloquist wishes Kay a happy birthday and is glad to hear that so far nothing is wrong with her.

    The Mad Ventriloquist craves cake now.

  3. Kay, I'm so happy you survived to grow another year older. Happy Birthday from your loving brother.

  4. Hey, I know you don't really wanna hear it from me, but have a happy birthday. Enjoy the cake and the friends. May it be a night of peace.

  5. Happy Birthday Kay, though I am a little late, I know. I wish you many more years with as little suffering as is possible in this mess.

  6. Happy birthday, one day later. Every year is precious. I look forward to celebrating the next with you.

  7. Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes.

  8. I'm so sorry for being late to wishing you a Happy Birthday, Kay, but Tony has been too injured to drive so I've been at the wheel nonstop. I hope you're feeling alright.