Friday, September 9, 2011

Ryan here. Things are pretty bad right now. We got attacked last night by someone who was supposed to be one of Kay’s closest friends. I didn’t really get to see what happened. We’re both alive. Kay is hurt pretty badly, physically and mentally. I missed out on half the mess and she won’t talk to me about what happened. I’ll give you guys what I know at least.

We’ve started getting along a lot better in the past few weeks. There was a huge hurricane that came through the area. Knocked out the power and internet for over a week. Her basement flooded and a tree came down on her garage. Between wading through water up to our knees and watching her laundry basket float around like a little boat, it gets hard for two people to stay pissed at each other.

We were sitting in her living room enjoying actually having lights and hot food. She was smiling and even laughed a few times, something I haven’t seen her do since the night I took her out to dinner and she found out who I really was. We were suddenly interrupted by a rock smashing through her picture window and into my head. I didn’t knock out immediately, but my vision and my brain went a bit blurry so this where things get kind of woozy.

She ran out the door, shrieking about proxy bastards. I stumbled over to the smashed window just in time to see Kay stop and stare at the woman leaping at her with a knife, shrieking at Kay like some kind of an animal. Apparently this woman was Melly, the mother of her deceased godchildren. At the time all I saw was Kay being attacked and not defending herself.

Melly sliced her across the face. She’s gonna have a pretty nasty scar. The doctors keep making noise at her about plastic surgery and she just stares at them like they’re not speaking English.

Sorry getting ahead of myself here. But I can’t tell you people how hard it has been to watch this pretty vibrant woman just deteriorate over the past few weeks. It seems like there is nothing left of the strong survivor I first read about when Olivia disappeared.

This was the point where I blacked out. I did my best to try to get out to them, but according to the doctors I’ve got a pretty nasty concussion from when that rock wacked me. I was probably only out for a minute or two, but I got up and looked out the window to see a scene that should have been something out of a movie, not real life.

Melly was laying on the ground with some kid standing over her, holding a knife, and laughing his head off. There was blood everywhere and Kay was holding a knife, screaming at the top of her lungs. No words, just this agonized sound. It reminded me of the sound my ex wife made when the police told us Olivia might never be found. She leapt at that kid and let me tell you he was quick. Dodged out of the way of that knife still laughing, screaming about Morningstar’s greatest triumph before stabbing out at her.

I grabbed the phone and called the cops while the two of them circled each other, him trying to stab her and her dodging while that Morningstar kid screamed at her about how she destroyed Melly, how worthless she was. I ran outside just in time for the sirens to start ringing.

The kid looked at us and glared at me before running off into the trees still laughing his head off like he had heard the best joke ever.

Kay won’t talk to me. She won’t tell me what happened while I was out cold. But whatever it was ended up with Melly dead. And I wasn’t sure she could take another emotional blow as it was.

I’ll try to make her talk to me. Or at least update here. She used to say it was good for her to be able to get her pain out on the blog. Maybe I can remind her of that.


  1. Spencer says he caught Morning Star. He must've done it after he attacked you.

    That guy's a psycho.

    Take care of Kay. She's not getting a break.