Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And here we go...

Quick post for my first one. I don't want to leave my eyes on the computer screen for too long. It's out there. I've seen it and before I first saw it, I was stupid enough to infect other people. They're still alive, who knows for how long.

I originally planned on not blogging. Didn't want to take the chance of infecting more people then I all ready have. But now I have a theory. And from reading some of the other blogs on here, yeah theories can get you killed, but theories are all we've got. And if by some bloody miracle my theory works, I want people to know it.

Ok so theory. Magic. And before people start laughing and calling BS, I'm not proposing to cast Magic Missile. But so far we know that guns don't work on this thing. As far as I've been able to research, neither do blunt and slicing weapons. So it's time to turn to something different. And well if a monster can exist and kill people, why can't magic stop it? It all seems to be about the power of belief

I've been a practicing witch for over a decade. Much like a priest called upon to perform an exocism, it's time to put my faith where my mouth is.

That's it for now. Gotta get some supplies, then I can start this experiment. 


  1. Haha! Yes, Theories get you killed. But if you're already dead, what's the worry, huh?

    Hmmm. I'll look over each of your Theory posts, maybe I'll find something to test while I'm here...


    The Scientist

  2. Infecting? What do you mean infecting?