Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Defense Part 1

So what does a mildly OCD witch/bookkeeper do when faced with having to find a way to stay alive and sane while being stalked by a faceless hentai dream come true monstrosity? I make outlines. Plan this out step by step, take it from theory to (hopefully) reality.

I think a good start is a break down of defense strategies and offense strategies. I’m gonna start with defense first. Running tits first into a confrontation with this thing isn’t brave, just dumb. But if I manage to prove a way of keeping this thing from hurting me, I have a stronger chance of staying vertical when it is time to start testing offense. I'm also going to try and break this down as simple as possible. I have no idea how many magically inclined people might read this, but I'm gonna go with the assumption that most people who do read won't be familiar with the subject matter outside of having watched Charmed. Which is not recommended if you want to know what an actual witch does.


1.     Crystals/Minerals

I originally debated making these items separate categories, but really they’re the same damn things, just different states of being. This will also be the easiest one to start with since I have a fairly extensive crystal collection. Crystals/Minerals are probably the most common tool of the modern witch and a large amount of them have varying kinds of protective qualities.

2.     Herbs

A bit harder to work with since there isn’t exactly a friendly neighborhood apothecary for me to purchase from. I do however have a good online source I can purchase things from and by the time I finish playing with category 1, everything I order should have arrived. Herbs are another fairly common tool, but I suspect they will not be as strong a tool as the others here. But hey, maybe I’ll get proven wrong.

3.     Elements

Every person has one or more elements that resonate more strongly with them then others. I’m not going to get into Eastern vs. Western elements. For the sake of my experiments, we’ll be going with the base four, Fire, Water, Earth, Air. Most people have a primary and a secondary element, a very few have 3, and if you meet someone claiming to be all elements just call them Mary Sue and walk away. Any witch who knows his/her stuff can work with all four to varying degrees of success.

4.     Incantations/Energy Focus a.k.a Ritual or High Ritual

Once I start incanting, I’ll be going ritual on this thing.  Rituals should always involve the use of some if not all of the above categories. Therefore, I want the optimal mix of as many items as possible before even thinking about attempting this one.

I’ll try to post Defense Part 2 later today, tomorrow at the latest. Stay alive and stay sane folks.  

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