Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back to Reality

An emotional attachment shouldn’t form this quickly. I suppose it can be excused under the circumstances. After all, intense situations tend to cause more intense emotional reactions.  Of course normally emotions grown under those kinds of circumstances tend to crash and burn rather hard, but I don’t think I need to worry too much about it. We don’t have that kind of time.

Back to my original point, despite the speed of it and just the shock of it happening at all, I did form an attachment to him. I never expected to be able to care for someone like this again without being afraid of them. I didn’t plan this and neither did he. Although when a man says he wants to come to your home to see if he can help you be safer and then shows up with a dozen red roses, it does tend to throw the idea that he wasn’t looking for anything out the window.  I’m not giving him enough credit, though. He’s probably the loneliest man I have ever met. The flowers were his way of saying thank you for letting him come here and not be alone for a little bit. Everything else that happened was just an added blessing.

But now he’s gone. And it hurts. So I gave myself a day. He left yesterday morning and I let myself have until this morning to grieve the loss. Any emotional loss deserves a mourning period, but I refuse to give it more than that. Not when there are more important things then my feelings at stake. But still…

I know you won’t see this until weeks from now, if you even get to see it at all, but I miss you. Please be safe. Even if I never see you again, just knowing that you’re still in the world makes it a better place for me. 

So my twenty four hours are up and it’s time to get back on track. Back to trying to figure out if my personal practices have any chance of saving our asses. It’s unfair. If this were a movie, I’d all of a sudden discover that I have the power to start shooting fireballs from my fingertips, or summon a bolt of lightning to hit it square in its not face. Instead I have crystals, books, and imagination. If I have to deal with the movie monster, why can't I get the powers as needed as well? 

I know that these three things are not enough to keep me alive, so right now I need a little help from you guys.

Poll: Is it evil?

This seems like a very easy question, but in fact it’s actually very complex. It could be evil, but it could also be like a hurricane. Destructive, but not evil. I don’t want to call it a force of nature, but I don’t want to rule out the possibility yet either.  And there’s always the possibility of Blue and Orange Mentality. There really are a lot of options as to what its nature is.

So for everyone here who has dealt with it, I need your opinions. Facts would be even more helpful, but this is all trial and error.  Therefore the more data I can gather the better. I know what my opinion is, but the more I have to work with, the more likely I can come up with something that at the very least won’t get me killed. 

Have at it folks.


  1. Hoo boy, what a question. I'm taking a class on the definition of "evil" at the moment, and it's my current opinion that "evil" as we think of it doesn't actually exist.

    However, there is no mistaking the air of malevolence about it, or the absolute fear that falls upon you when you see it. Whatever it is, it's evil from our perspective, because what it wants will do nothing but destroy.

    I don't think of it as a force of nature. I think its effects on us might be a force, but not It itself. Mostly I think of it as a predator, just like we humans are predators to deer and whatnot - and with about the same level of difference in our thought processes.

  2. Well just how sentient is it? If it's sapient and understands that we are too, then yes, evil is a more or less fitting word.

    However, if it is as unintelligent as any other animal, just killing and stalking it's prey out of instinct, it's closer to a hurricane: destructive, disruptive, and powerful, but not evil.

    Either way, we have to figure out how to stop it. We have a duty to protect ourselves and our species. Self-preservation and the need to continue as a whole and all that.

    Sorry for posing more questions than answers.

  3. @Hakurei But wouldn't certain kinds of predators be a force of nature as well? A lion stalking a gazelle isn't evil, but a serial killer hunting a college student would be. Do we fear it because it causes us to fear or is it just the natural reaction of prey to predator?

    @Stumblr No don't apologize, this line of thinking is exactly what I need. And trust me, by trying to figure out more about its nature I am going to be trying to work on a way to stop it. No idea how successful I'll be, but the more exact I can pinpoint things, in theory the higher my success rate will be.

    And...keep an eye him for me, will you? Make sure he eats at least?

  4. I think you're right by the way. Spender breaking contact with everyone means that nobody could try to hold you over his head even if they wanted to. Although, I would suggest barred 1st floor windows and a stungun/taser if I were you. Should help against proxies too.

    As per the creature? It hunts children, it infects people and twists them, it's presence inspires terror, and it's a snappy dresser. Combine these things and you've got an IRS agent on crack, or this creature. Never shall those two things meet. If they were ever in the same room as each other, the world would end.

  5. Well, that's just it: I don't think a serial killer hunting college students is evil either. But I admit that I tend to think in more meta, abstract terms than most people, so for the purposes of your question, I suppose I would have to say yes, by those definitions, I would call Slendy "evil".

  6. I don't know if I'd call it evil. It's always so hard to step out of one's own skin to avoid the eternal issue of bias. But, from what I saw in that forest, That doesn't matter. What matters is that he doesn't belong here. He never should've left...wherever he came from. Even his EXISTANCE here is destructive.

    I don't know if he's evil, since in his world this may be simple survival, but it doesn't seem like a stretch. I DO know we need to get rid of him, no matter what the answer is.

  7. Yes but finding out what the answer it is may be able to help me figure out how to stop it. When you work with the mundane you can shoot a gun and it doesn't matter why the person is being shot at, the bullet will still penetrate skin. When working with extraordinary, one must tailor the attack a bit more personally or take the risk of some very painful backfire.

  8. Now THAT is a good philosophy. Don't ever lose it. ;D

    Based on Reach's testimony? I'm willing to bet "evil".

  9. I need to pay more attention to the comments of posts I comment on. Is there a way to subscribe to these things at posting time? I tend to think of these posts at random and go "Did someone reply to me?"

    Yes, I'll do whatever is in my power to keep him safe and healthy. I think we're all just kinda relying on each other for that at the moment.

  10. Thanks Stumblr. I appreciate it.