Friday, March 4, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Weird

The Good

I actually slept last night and oh deities it was glorious! I slept from 8 last night until 6:30 this morning and I almost feel like I can think again. No sounds in my head waking me up, no staring at that thing through my window, just me, my pillows and mattress, and the arms of a good man around me for the whole night.

It is beyond amazing how absolutely perfect the small things are when you thought you might never have them again.

The Bad

Apparently I was allowed to sleep last night for a reason. I woke up this morning and Sammie was gone. I guess it didn’t want me awake to stop her. She left a note for my brother that I didn’t have time to stay and look at. I’ll try to grab him later and find out what it said. I wish I could have done more for her. She’s still in there. I can’t prove it, I just know that she is.

The Weird

My boss called me into his office this morning. I thought I was gonna get chewed out for taking off yesterday, but apparently having proof that your brother got stabbed not only gets you out of that one, but gets you permission to use a personal day instead of a sick day.  No instead he was actually worried about me.

He asked if I was in trouble, that he had noticed how much I’ve changed these past few months. I tried to keep the topic as professional as possible, asked if there was any problem with my job performance, but the thing about my boss is that he’s one of those rare bosses that actually does care about the person doing the job instead of just the job. So I tried to reassure him that I was fine, but unluckily for me, I am a really bad liar. I’ve been told multiple times that I have one of those faces that shows everything I’m thinking no matter how hard I try to hide things.

He didn’t believe me, but he couldn’t exactly force me to tell him what’s wrong with me. And then came the really disturbing part.

“Kay, there were some men at my house last night. Some gentlemen, and I use the term loosely, wearing suits and flashing badges. And they wanted to know about you. They wouldn’t give any reasons why, so I’m going to ask again. Are you in trouble?”

In a way I got lucky that I do have a face that shows everything because I was completely dumbfounded. And I still am. Boss seemed satisfied at my shock and sent me back to my desk. Now I’m sitting here not even knowing what to think.

Why would there be people with badges asking questions about me?


  1. Oh jeez kid what the hell are you getting yourself into now?

  2. Wait, as in the police were looking for you?

  3. I don't know the answer to either of your questions. If the police were looking for me, why wouldn't they have come to my house or my job? And why the hell would the police be looking for me?

    My boss said they were asking questions about my ex, and did I live alone and some other things that don't make any sense to me.

  4. my first thought was that Fisk was sending people after you, but i really don't know what he would want with you. no offense, but you're not much of a threat, either to slender himself or to security. you're just making sure you stay alive.

    ...then again, i don't know much about how Fisk works. if it was him at all.

  5. Those kind of questions are designed to be twofold. It's basic fact checking and falls in line with what Police or authorities would ask, but ninety percent of it is asked specifically -so- someone will be unnerved. Then they'll ask you and you'll know someone is looking for you.

    They could be cops, but I doubt it for the reasons you listed. Part of me wants to say they're Private Investigators, they sometimes impersonate Police if they need to (Not exactly legal, but.) when looking into someone's past.

    Or they could be someone else and if they are that someone else, I'm worried for you really badly, Kay...

  6. @Hakurei Fisk? The guy who's after Zeke Strahm? I'm not going to take offense to you saying I'm not a threat when it's true. I'm nobody and that's a fact. I highly doubt that I would be of the slightest interest of anyone in the FBI, much less the man trying to take down Zeke.

    @Spender I think the private investigator angle sounds pretty likely, especially after what was on my stairs the other day. Maybe it really is my ex? I need to make an appointment with my lawyer to cover a few other things I've been thinking about, so maybe I'll ask if he can do anything to help out with this while I'm there.

    After all who else could it be?

  7. Yeah. It's probably that.

    As for why Fisk would want you...Well, keep in mind, it's his job to silence any runners or fighters who've come into contact with Him. I don't know why he'd ask questions about you, perhaps to scare you? Not quite his style though....

    At any rate, no one is really safe from Fisk's intrusions as long as they're connected to this in some way.

  8. Yes, but somehow I still think I would be on the bottom of that particular list.

  9. Probably. In all reality I don't think Fisk is keen on making too many obvious moves since Carolina and the massacre there..

  10. Let it go dear. This is a very disturbing situation, but for once I doubt it has anything to do with my nightly companion.

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  12. A word of paranoia to all involved: Spender, you previously stated that you've met Fisk before. What's to stop him from going at Kay to get at you?

    Or it could just be proxies messing about. I prefer the Proxy possibility, much less messy.

  13. @Sage Wow I am relieved you made that comment now that he won't be able to see it for a few weeks. The last thing I need is that man getting more paranoid about something happening to me then he already is.

    Not that your suggestion is to be ignored. That is a rather troubling possibility that hadn’t occurred to me. But with Mr. Spender gone now, if that is what is happening, there really isn’t a reason for it continue. Can’t use me to harass someone when they’re not even on the same continent. And with him dropping internet access once he gets overseas, there really would be no way for anything done to me to affect him.