Friday, March 25, 2011

I just got back from my godkids’ house. Their mother is a mess to say the least, but at least she doesn’t know that it’s my fault her babies are gone. I thought I was doing the right thing by cutting them off. That if I stayed away from all of my friends they wouldn’t get infected by this shit. Instead I found out that for the past month the kids have been drawing pictures. Little kid style figures. Of a woman crying and a man in a suit. Whenever their mother asked them about the pictures, they would say it’s Aunt Kay and The Man. She kept trying to call me and ask about it. And I wouldn’t even listen to her voicemails because it was too hard to stay disconnected otherwise.

My munchkins had been seeing it for over a month. And my dumb ass did nothing. And the cops were all over that. Who is this man, is he the one that took the kids, what connection does he have to you? It’s such a clusterfuck. 

The note that was left said midnight with an operator symbol. The cops think that’s when they’ll get some kind of a ransom call. They’re probably right only I don’t think their mother is going to be the one getting the ransom call. And I doubt there is going to be any actual ransom involved either. 

I appreciate all the support guys, I’m a little too wrecked to answer each comment individually right now. Today was just the day to find out how badly I’ve fucked up.  I’m gonna go try and nap for a little bit. I have a feeling I won’t be sleeping much later.


  1. I'd advise you listen to AS comment, like I said, hunting age is Eight and above so they probably won't be harmed. Then again I shouldn't be telling you this.