Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What is this? Just what is this? No not even what, how is this? How is this possible? How am I supposed to even try to handle this right now?

Can't stop crying. Trying very hard to not become hysterical. Way too easy to fall across that line these days and damn it I cannot deal with any of this if I cannot stop crying and screaming, but how am I supposed to deal with this at all?

Ok breathe in, breathe out. One step at a time. Alcohol helps too. Can't let myself get drunk, but a shot to calm the nerves doesn't hurt right? Ok here goes, try to explain this.

A package came for me a few hours ago. Well it would probably be more exact to say that there was a knock on my door and when I went to the window there was no one there. I went to the door while holding one of my good knives from the kitchen and found an envelope sitting on my front stairs.

The envelope had no return address, and the postmark was from somewhere in Texas, but my name and address were very clearly written on the front.  I took pictures just in case things somehow disappear since we all know that never happens to anyone in our line of misery.

This is the back of the envelope. The front can stay hidden since the internet does not need my address.

There were five pieces of paper inside the envelope. Five drawings to be more precise. Well the third one was on the front and back of the page so six drawings I suppose.







I know the picture quality isn't the greatest, but I don't have a scanner. I don't really want to leave the house, but I'll see about going down to the public library to use the scanner there tomorrow.

I have no idea where these came from or why I am getting them. I don't understand what the hell they are supposed to represent. I do however know one thing. I know the drawing style.

I'm going do to my best to stay calm. It's hard for me lately to not scream and shriek at the slightest thing that comes my way. But I really am going to try and stay calm. I can't promise I won't cry, but I will at least try to not flip my shit like I have done with others recently.

Let's start with a very simple question. Remnant. Yes I think I will use Remnant since that is how we first spoke.

Remnant, how did you find out where I live?


  1. He is quite smart, and he seems to know how to get around easily...yes. I assume that's the Bleeding, Kaylin, crying is good. Let it out. Perhaps don't panic, yes...but the crying...I doubt he will be able to take you down in any case, if my vote of confidence means much to you.

  2. ...I really wish I wasn't stuck in Buffalo right now. Keep it together, alright? :(

  3. do you think the woman in the drawings is supposed to be you? she's got short hair, but i guess it's possible. and it's clearly not Amelia, since she's still on the tree at the end. do you recognize the bed in the first drawing?

  4. Me? But that doesn't look a thing like me. And no I've never seen that bed before. I just got back from getting the pictures scanned. I should have them up in a little bit, you'll be able to see them better that way.

  5. yeah, i know, but i figured it might be possible. -shrug- but lemme take a closer look at this stuff...