Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why the bloody hell hasn't anyone else noticed this?

Sorry for spamming your reading list with a second post today guys, but this struck me as something that should not wait.

I don't think Zero is dead

A week or two ago I was rereading his last post because sometimes we need all need a hero and he's one of mine. For the hell of it I started scrolling through the comments, looking at all the people wishing him luck or mourning his loss. An individual named Remnant that I've seen making comments here and there posted that link.

I looked at the pictures, shuddered a bit at how disturbing they are, and left it alone. Assumed Zero had drawn them before the Solstice, his way of adding to the story he asked everyone to create.

I looked again a little while ago just more of a curiosity thing then anything else. Wanting to know what was going through his head before his final days. Well now I don't think it was taking place before the Solstice. I think these pictures were drawn after the Solstice.

More pictures have been added since the first time I looked. And I think they're telling a story. If you go to the album called that night, well the title should be rather self explanatory. I'm not going to pretend to understand what is going in the album called a long time ago. I think I'm going go back and read his blog again, maybe that will help me figure it out.

Does anyone here talk to Remnant? Does anyone even know who he is?  He made two comments on that post. One dropping this link saying it reveals interesting things. Which yeah it does. But his other comment said "this post doesn't make any sense."

And you know what? I think he was right. I'm going to see if I can catch him. Leave a comment on Zero's blog, or try to talk to him if he comments on one of the other blogs I follow.

One quick question. Can anyone recall Remnant being around before the Solstice?

I've only come up with two theories about this. Either someone is using Zero's photobucket account for his own sick fun and games or Zero is alive.  And honestly I'm going with option two, not just because I want to believe that Zero is alive. I'm going with it because those pictures are so fucked up that I can't believe they're fake.

ETA 9:36 PM: Shortly after I posted this, four more pictures were added to the a long time ago album. The order seems to be kind of random,  but from what I can tell, it shows Zero with a companion, plotting to go after it. And reading back on his blog entries there's only one person that it makes sense to be.

I think he's trying to tell us what happened to Amelia.


  1. I'm fairly certain that Remnant started commenting after the solstice I don't remember seeing any comments from him earlier than that at least. If zero is alive we need to find him.

  2. I had seen the photobucket account, although I didn't know pictures were still being added. Damn, I remember thinking that they were drawn after the Solstice rather than before, but I didn't think much further than that, because no one knows what actually happened that night. All we have are the stories, and a heavily redacted After-Action Report from the PTC.

    Remnant. God, even the name is... But if it's at all possible...

    Under normal circumstances (lol, normal), I'd say the first thing to do would be to bug Specter or Nightcrawler for information, since they were the last ones to see Zero alive. However, those guys haven't exactly been reliable lately, what with the parallel universe BS. But there have to be others. Jeff's gone, but maybe Cheska might know something. Or even Maudin, he's still around.

    I don't want to get any hopes up. Even if he IS alive, even if we could find him, the state he'd be in can't be good.

  3. @Will Neither can I. I just spent the past hour looking through blogs I've seen him comment on and I can't find anything from before then.

    @Hakurei Maduin is still around, but I'm almost afraid to go over and show him this right now. He's going through some messed up craziness. Gonna go do it anyway. even if being Sages meant nothing in the long run, I believe they were friends. For that matter I should go comment on Robert's blog too.

    This is gonna be a long night. I'm too adrenalized right now to sleep.

  4. I gained knowledge of Slender after Zero was thought to be dead. From what i can gather about him he was some sort of major leader. Moral would definatly improve if we could find a way to get him back.

  5. Damn. Did not see that one coming. I got nothing. People are tougher than we give them credit for, and I've seen them come back from the brink when they should have, by rights, been extremely dead. I can BELIEVE it. But damn.

  6. @Zed Like I said already, he was one of my heroes, right up there with Zeke Strahm. Right now I'm not even sure I care about morale. Last we knew he was half frozen to death hanging onto sanity by a thread. How much worse could things have gotten for him? What if he needs help?

    @Sage I almost didn't believe it myself. But the a long time ago album wasn't there the last time I looked at this and then not only was it there last night, but it was updated after I posted this.

  7. I've only really heard of Zero- he's been mentioned on several blogs. And I can bet that Tony probably knows as much as I do. How did we know that he "died"? Was there a written record of it?

  8. There was a report by the PTC claiming that he was killed almost instantly when he went to confront it. And everyone instantly accepted it.

    Theory time. What if it wasn't a real report? Or at least not real for us? PTC Operative B2 is the one that posted that report for us to see. Recently there have been reports of multiple B2's and at least one of them is posting on the PTC's blog with accounts of things completely differing from the ones Specter and Nightcrawler are giving us. The theory has been tossed around that the PTC is dealing with a multidimensional issue.

    A few months ago, this would all have been a ludicrous scifi story to me, but now...

    What are the chances of that report having either been written by a raving a lunatic, or was a completely accurate report of the Solstice in a different universe then our own?

    I’m trying to see if I can talk with Specter or Nightcrawler about the report, but as an unknown civilian, I don’t have high hopes for getting their attention.

  9. The easiest way to figure that out would be to compare the redacted report with what Maduin says happened that night. He doesn't appear to have left any accounts of the whole thing that I know of. If his story lines up with the PTC report, then all is well. If they don't line up, then there is a serious problem.

    Although, based on Spender's fun and games with Nightcrawler, I'm pretty sure that they're not out of commission yet. Compare and contrast, and see what happens.

  10. Talking to Maduin won't help Sage. From his December 21st post:

    "I need to make it clear that I did not take part in Zero's massive battle plan, mainly due to being on another continent."

    Talking to members of the PTC seems to be the only option at this point, but so far no response from them on whether they would be willing to answer any of my questions.

  11. Well damn. Let the games begin. I wish Spender were here, he'd have an easier time making inquiries. :(

  12. You read the thought that has been on my mind for hours now. Not only would he have an easier time, he'd probably be better at it.

  13. you people are focused

    on the wrong person

    but you have asked me a question

    so i will answer


    you decode my words

    What defines the authors? formatting words into poetic gems is hardly a trivial matter

  14. Dammit, Remnant. So confusing! Anyway...well, now I'm going to spend all my time on this. Dammit. ~Frap

  15. Thank you for stopping by Remnant, I appreciate the response.

    My first instinct is to say that the words are exactly what defines the authors.

    "For every sentence that may be penned or spoken the right words exist."

    Somehow I doubt that is the answer you're looking for, but it's the answer that rings true in my mind.

  16. Upon further consideration I would like to change my answer.

    The answer is "the author's formatting"

    Which is what doesn't make sense about Zero's post, isn't it?