Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Been walking for awhile can’t see more then two or three feet in front of me. Flashlight doesn’t make a dent in this damn fog. Got sick a couple of times from the way it feels on my skin but Ryuu was right eventually your brain just shuts down certain things for survival. The screams can get pretty bad. I’m so tempted to put on my earphones and listen to music but with my luck as soon as I did that would be when I hear something else besides the screams.

How long have I been walking? It feels like days, but it can’t be days, days wouldn’t pass without me hearing from Sage or Ryuu or Lucien. I try not to stop for too long. Just long enough to type out a sentence or two. Want to keep a record of what I see here. I can pretty it up later.

Haven’t seen any of the leeches. There were at least twenty crawling all over my house when I left, but none of them seemed to notice me. That’s fine, they may die easy, but their teeth are wicked sharp and I don’t want to end up trying to throw salt at a swarm of them.

I…fuck the fog just parted. Like fricking Moses and the Red Sea. I am not stupid I am not going that way.

What the fuck! The fog behind me it’s like a wall, its solid! I can’t go backwards I can’t go the sides. It’s pushing me. The ground it feels funny. Like eggshells. There’s some kind of a noise. A droning sou


  1. letmegoletmegoifistoptypingimdeadifistoptypingimdead

  2. Oh shit. Stay calm. Unless you see a red-tinted field. Then panic. It is not a nice place.

    Kay, please answer.

  3. e_E Ooooooh. I am so very pissed off at this dimension.

    Just hold on, okay? Please. I'm not fucking this up when we're this close. Just stay alive.

  4. Kay, please, you can't die. You've been through so much already. Besides, you need to survive this so that you can become an aunt in a few months.

    You will make it through.