Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ready to Roll

Ok folks. Your favorite friendly neighborhood witch is ready to go. I’ve got my backpack full of survival stuff. Food, water, candles, crystals, and salt. Lots and lots of salt.

Things are starting to get bad in here. The walls look like they're starting to peel away and I keep hearing whispers. The power died a few hours ago and I don't think its safe to stay here anymore. 

I made a small test run earlier. Went out in the fog to see if it would hurt me. It doesn’t hurt. It feel fucking disgusting, like a tongue that was licking me, tasting my skin. And the smell is even worse when you’re out in it, but at least I know I can move through it. The screams don’t seem to get any louder so that’s a small blessing.

One of the leeches came at me. Deities that thing was even uglier up close. I was surprised at how fast it moved. It was almost on me before I had a chance to react, but I was smart enough to go outside with my weapon of choice and a backup. I decided to try and treat it like it really was a leech and I was right to do so. The salt worked even better than I could have hoped. A small handful thrown in its face and it just melted into a puddle of water. And if that hadn’t worked I had one of my bottles of pepper spray ready to go.

I’m currently feeling pretty confident about dealing with them. I’ve got tons of salt, I’ve got four bottles of pepper spray, and for anything else, I found my grandmother’s hedge clippers that were down in the basement.

I know that I might not be making anymore posts after this one. So while this isn’t a good bye post, I still want to say a few things.

Thank you. Some of you have been with me from the start of this blog, some of you are newer. But no matter how long you’ve been with me, I am eternally grateful for all the love and support I get.

Sage, Ryuu I’ve got my Blackberry, and it’s got a full battery. Comment at me if you come up with anything and I’ll do the same if I find anything that I think you guys should know. I love you two.

Cathy, you are the best friend I could have asked for these past few months. I know you’ll get your baby back. You’re too strong not too. I know you need to look for Tony, but please don't get hurt.  I love you so much.

Lucien for the love of everything will you stop trusting that damn Count? Listening to a proxy is NOT smart!!! If you get yourself killed I will find a way to resurrect you just so I can kick your ass. Love you baby brother.

Zero. I forgive you.

I’m off folks. Wish me luck.


  1. I don't know... salt... them?


    Good luck, anyway.



    And of course your doom, the end of all things, blah blah blah, entropy, hum de dumm, no escape lah de dah...His time will Come dur dur durrrrr....


  3. Also I'm glad you are forgoing Mystical Shit and using good old fashioned practicality for a moment like this.

    Eh, Binary numbers, Cryptic bullshit, ALL CAPS.

  4. Oh for fuck's sake, Kay. You should really stay in the house. :(

    Maurice. Go explode and die in a fire.

  5. Angry retort, crytptic threats, yadda yadda yaddah.

    Look little Nicky, Occam's Razor tells me-

    Ah Hell.

    Just lemme alone Nick.

    She'dve died if she stayed in there and your a fool as well as crazy if you think otherwise.

    Argument about Magick, Etc. Etc.