Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I think it’s time to get back on track. Cathy and Tony left and as far as I know the only stalker I have left is the supernatural one. And I think it’s time to start working on dealing with that again. I originally wanted to try something during Beltane, but it fell while I was at the hotel recovering from having fought Tom. And then there was Zero, and honestly I didn’t even celebrate Beltane properly much less try to do something about the faceless wonder.

So it’s time to start over. It’s time to live damn it because I am tired of waiting to die. I have too much to live for. Strange isn’t it? I haven’t had much to live for in the past few years. Just me and my computer, and sometimes I would go see the god kids. Now I don’t have the god kids anymore, but I still feel like I have more to live for then I have in a very long time.

Slice…I wish you were still here, but I want you to be at peace even more. Both you and your brother. I just wish we could have had the chance to meet, to talk in person. I know how mad you would be if you knew how guilty I feel right now. So instead I’ll just do my best to honor your life. Make your next life be much happier than this one was.

And Thomas. My sweet Thomas, my Mr. Spender. It’s been weeks since I heard from you or the people you were traveling with. At this point I know I need to assume the worst. It wasn’t love. We both knew that. But now we won’t know if it could have been. I hope that we’ll see each other again, in this life or the next. And I hope that we’ll have a chance to see whether or not it could have been love.

I’m ready to move forward. Let’s go.


  1. So whats the plan little lady?

    Lure enemies into your window sill and brain them with Magic Rocks?

    I don't know how well that'll work in the future.

    Just saying.

  2. Why don't you ask my ex what happens to those who come after me? Oh wait, he's dead.


    Big round of applause for that biting-

    Oh wait, I'm sorry. That's been used before.

    But don't get me wrong lady I condone the use of windows and MAGIC ROCKS! Everyone should do it!

    It'll make things that much easier.

    This is great! I'm going to write a song about this. Don't go anywhere.

    No seriously don't go anywhere you'll ruin my trap.


    My MUSICAL Trap!

  4. *yawns*

    Boring. Can I have Morningstar back? At least he's an interesting troll.

  5. Yo Kay Ima let you finish but Morninstar was the best troll of all time.

    But I'm no troll.

    I'll be delivering soon. Look for it!

  6. Ok that last one actually made me laugh, I'll give you that. But still, I've seen better.