Monday, May 2, 2011


Hello Zerosage! I saw your comment and felt that my response would work much better here.

I assume that you didn't start reading this blog until I made the mistake of discovering that you weren't dead and started trying to communicate with your Remnant persona, who by the way is MUCH more polite and pleasant then this aspect of you! Perhaps this would go much smoother if I could speak with Remnant instead?

Since I'm assuming the only thing you know about me is that I am female and your recent observations about us tend to make me think you don't respect us much to begin with, I would like to direct your attention to three specific posts that will show you something very very important.

These three men. All three of them have come after me. The two that tried to kill me are dead. And while it hurt my soul every time I had to defend myself, I won't let that stop me if you make the mistake of thinking you can put me down as easily as that poor girl, Kelly.

Do us both a favor before you come here. Make sure you really want to do this first.


  1. Did... Did you just call Zero sexist? XDD

  2. kay it's a bad idea badbadbad please don't

  3. I won't start anything sweetie, but I won't let him hurt me either.

  4. Iam wiLling to proVIde asSisTance.
    COntact me.

  5. Oh, I do need to do this, Kay. This isn't a threat. This is part of my life now. You've got something I need.

    I'd prefer not having to do anything at all, but that's not the world we live in.

    See you soon.

  6. Kay: In response to what you said on my blog, YOU WERE WORTH IT.

    Zero: My only hope is that she commemorates your bloody nose in honor of our misadventures. ;P

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  8. If Zero comes for you try to trap him.
    A shadow is following him.
    We just need it to catch up.
    - Indrid

  9. If there's a shadow following him, I most certainly don't want it catching up to anywhere that I am.