Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blogging on a cold night

So um wow hello new blog followers that seem to have popped up overnight. I’d say nice to meet ya, but I’m assuming that you’re either following me because A. You think I’m crazy B. You think this is a game/work of fiction or C. You’ve got the same problem with your not so friendly skinny stalker that I do.  If it’s the first two then hey you’re entitled to your own opinion, but if you make any comments here mocking me or the  other people involved with this, I’ll ban your ass in a heartbeat. If it’s the third, then I am so sorry, but just remember, you are not alone. We’re all in this together.

Gonna be a short update, nothing new to report right now, but I’m making it my goal to update at a minimum of every other day, if not every day. If more than that comes without an update and I didn’t give a warning about being gone beforehand, assume I’m either in deep shit or possibly never coming back.

 Beginning the preparations for Experiments 2 and 3. Should be able to start testing tomorrow, hoping to have some results in a few days.  Am still using the results of Experiment 1 and am continuing to be happy. At a commentator’s suggestion, I added obsidian to the mix. No noticeable difference last night, but I’ll need a few nights of using it to make an intelligent decision about it.

So in the world of blogging/vlogging for our lives: Noah of Tribe Twelve finally posted the first part of his Thanksgiving footage.  He either got teleported or moved himself while sleeping, either way it was one of those blink and he was gone moments.  It’s pretty unnerving to watch, even more so if you’ve been one of the people that has had it done to them. 

Other important news. Let’s see Tony’s alive and that’s a huge relief. That piece of garbage Redlight is trying to seduce Zeke Strahm away from the fight, with zero success.  Frap is having some issues, Sounds to me like his suppressed memories are doing their best to smash his poor skull open. Frap I see that you’re following me now, so if you’re reading this, let me know if you’re ok.

Ok guys, I’m gonna go snuggle up on my couch with some Doctor Who and hot cocoa. I’ll check in later and make sure you’re all still ok.


  1. Well, I followed you because your brother is a pretty good guy and he told me this was your blog.

    And the whole magic approach is an interesting way for the situation to be approached.

    I'm wishing you all the best.

  2. My brother is the best. I just wish I hadn't gotten him into this mess. And thanks for the good wishes, it's extremely appreciated.

  3. Kay, I bet you that even if you didn't "get me into this mess," I still would've found my way in somehow. I'm just that type of person. Afterall, bad situations tend to flock to me.

  4. Yeah but I spend a lot more time on the computer then you do. If I hadn't found Marble Hornets...*sigh*

  5. Thanks Ygg. And not only did I get it, but I've got some new ideas to think about. Gonna try to post once I'm home from work.