Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A proper post

So I was a good girl today. Minimal computer time, just checked in every now and then to make sure no one had blown up. Made sure to relax and tried not to freak out too much.  Gotta get a handle on things, boss is not gonna be happy if I keep calling out from work. But I needed to take care of myself today. And I really needed to be alone.

So I don’t know what to classify Experiment 3 as. Mostly because I don’t know what happened. Let me back up about a week or so.  I mentioned rosemary as being the main component for Experiment 2. Well just because the wreathe didn’t work didn’t mean rosemary had no use. As I stated before, rosemary is a traditional herb for use against evil. The wreathe didn’t work and I couldn’t exactly walk up the monster and ask it if it wanted to drink a cup of rosemary tea. So I had to come up with another way to use it.

I decided that water would be the most effective medium to use the rosemary with.  I have heard so many theories about it and water that it seemed like a perfect combination.  I spent several days letting the rosemary steep in in a pot of water (about an ounce of fresh rosemary in about a gallon of water would be my best guess, I didn’t measure) and was just waiting for a sighting that didn’t involve me walking into the street in the middle of the night.  Yes I can learn from past mistakes.

I debated on several different methods of how to test the final product on it and after I decided against using  the pot, spitting at it, and a super soaker, I decided on water balloons. Purple water balloons. No the color has no significance, it just happens to be my favorite color.

So I’ve been sleeping with my spare laundry basket next to my bed, piled full of magical water balloons. Yes I know what that sounds like. No I don’t give a shit. You wouldn’t be laughing if I had said it worked, would you?

Ok background finished, on to last night. I’ve managed to stall typing this out all day.  It was standing under my directly window. Perfect shot. There was no way I could miss it. I put my crystals on my dresser and I grabbed a balloon. Asked any deities that might be listening to let me please stay alive and let it drop.

That was around 10:30-11 last night. I have no other memories until about 5 this morning. I was standing in my backyard. I had been wearing shorts and a t-shirt to sleep in. My legs, arms, and clothes were covered in dirt and blood and hairs, some kind of animal hairs.  There were animal parts strewn about my yard. I’m gonna guess rabbits or squirrels, maybe raccoons. My part of the state isn’t very heavy on wildlife.

I walked to the front of my house and there was an operator symbol on it. It was drawn in blood. At this point, I had what I think was a fairly reasonable reaction. I got sick. Got inside, showered, and cleaned the blood off my door. I tried to type this up, but every time I started to, things just started spinning in my head and it was way too much to handle.

Because there’s one other thing I’ve avoided typing so far. I might be wrong. Everything was crazy. And I wasn’t feeling very coherent at that point, maybe I’m panicking over nothing,  but…

I think there was a metallic taste in my mouth.

What the fuck did I do?


  1. the obsidian worked after all. the trials continue.

  2. Lady Kay! You are the most skillful I know in the Magical arts!

    I ahve read how to summon and unsummon a Spirit the user has called, but is it possible to Unsummon another's Spirit? Is there such knowledge in the Art?

    I have many things to test! Your knowledge would be most helpful!

    In response to your experiment, I am deeply sorry it ended in that manner. But When The Black King is your opponent, such things happen! Carry on, dear lady!

    Even Now, there is hope for man!

  3. @Slice Lady Kay? Well doesn't that make me feel grand? :)

    Banishment of someone else's summoned spirit is possible, but it depends on a lot of different factors. Do you know what kind of spirit it is? Do you know how powerful it is? Does the person who summoned it originally have any control over it or has it gone rogue? If the other person is still exerting their control over it, are they willing to have it banished?

    And hope for man is a lovely thing, but I should hope you have room for woman in there as well?

  4. When I say Man, I mean Man in its most Grandiose sense! The Man in Mankind! The man in Humanity!

    I am uncertain of all but the last two! The spirit is certainly rogue, and they wish it gone! It is powerful beyond my scope of understanding, and potentially malevolent!

    You know this spirit as well as I!

    I can afford any and all tools necessary! I have some experience with summoning and banishing already!

    How shall I go about this?

  5. I'm assuming that when you say I know this spirit, you're referring to the one you call the Black King and I call lots of other less pretty names?

  6. Indeed! I think it would be worth a shot, and even if it fails horribly, will help us learn more about him.

  7. *raises an eyebrow* Well you've got balls to say the least. Care to take this discussion to somewhere less public? Email me