Monday, February 7, 2011

"You'll find that life is still worthwhile if you just smile"

You know what makes me happy? Music. All kinds of music. And thanks to the glory of the internet, I have now a playlist six hours long of music that makes me bounce and smile and laugh and dance.  And my ribs are getting better enough that I can move in a fashion that might in less than sober circles be considered dancing.

What does this have to do with anything? Positive energy folks. Being a witch, positive energy is more than just a touchy feely phrase used by group therapists. It’s an actual force that can be used.  And I noticed something. On Friday night, I was lonely and miserable, and hey look who showed up?  On Saturday night, I was joyous and ecstatic and there was nothing.

It’s not a new theory. The idea of positive energy working against it has been explored by other people, notably (in my opinion at least) Maduin of A Really Bad Joke.  Make ourselves laugh, keep smiling and mean it. Joy makes us stronger and it doesn’t want that.

So music. It’s Tony’s fault in a way. He joked about singing bad love songs to it. And then Maduin talked about using music in one of his pranks. And it got me thinking about the power music has over emotions. How sometimes putting on a well loved cd has the ability to make the world go away. I personally am not going to sing to it, I’ll leave that to Maduin. But I have my happy playlist going and I also have a collection of dvds that never cease to make me laugh for when I need a break from music. I know I can’t keep myself happy all of the time, but I’m going to make a damn good effort. I’m also going to start keeping more chocolate around the house. Stimulate the endorphins. Gonna pretend that calories ingested while fighting for my life don’t count. 

A not so happy update. Experiment 2 was an utter failure, but I’m not too upset about it because I wasn’t expecting it to do much.  I got a wreathe made of rosemary which is an herb traditionally used to repel evil and hung it on my front door. It lasted three nights and was mysteriously gone when I left for work this morning.  Could be just random neighborhood twits, or it could be someone making fun of me. Who knows? If it was removed by one its toys,  the point was made. If it wants in my house, a protective wreathe isn’t gonna stop it. But it was worth a try. And I’m not done with the rosemary yet.

After sleeping with it for days now, I am satisfied with the results of the obsidian and will be amending my post on Experiment 1 to reflect that. Other than normal night time wake ups (sore ribs, bathroom runs) I am sleeping through the night. I’m fairly surprised it worked as well as it did. Obsidian is a more masculine stone and when it comes to protection I’ve always been a bigger fan of hematite, but not complaining one bit here. Anything that keeps us safe.


  1. Slender...troll?

    I was only singing was I not?

    I didn't mean to anger you. I'm so...sorry.

  2. You're one of the people tormenting Matthew aka nooc, correct?