Sunday, February 20, 2011


This is not funny!

Just urgh! Tip for you freakazoid. Leaving this plastered on my front door does not make you amusing. It makes me pissed off and may the gods and goddesses help you if I find out who you are.

Other then that, there's nothing really new to update. My head still hurts, but no major damage.Thinking about learning some more frying pan fu. No more attacks, just the normal sightings of faceless. Not sure if the quiet is good or bad. Three guesses and the first two don't count about which way I think that means.

I see that there are some people reading this blog that I am unfamiliar with. Please don't be shy. Say hello. Link me to your blogs. Tell me if you're ok. We may not know each other personally, but it doesn't stop me from caring.

Ava, Reach, and Tony are going after Robert today. Hence why I'm awake at stupidly early o'clock. I'm terrified for them right now. I'm just gonna cross my fingers and keep sending everything I've got their way.

Gonna go eat breakfast. I will not be wandering far from blogger today. Too tense.


  1. I appreciate your comments on my blog, Kay.

    Thank you for trying to help.

    I intend to be careful, and I really am going to avoid getting myself killed as much as possible. I don't feel another option. I can't go around just pulling Runners into safe places all the time and doing nothing else.

    I'm a Fighter and I've got to start acting like one.

    Thank you.

  2. Personally I think saving lives is a fine way to live your life, but to each his own.

    And really, I'm not sure whether to say enjoy your redhead or go off on a stereotypical female rant about men and their escapades.

  3. Madam, I am a gentleman. I had no intentions of going to Ireland for the fun of it, however. I appreciate your concern, I really do. In the short time I've been here, everyone has treated me remarkably well. I appreciate it immensely.

    As for why, well...I can't explain it all. It's not just about the Quarry, it's about a theory I need to test. When I get back though, if you would like, I could come help you. I haven't offered before because, well...Frankly, I didn't know what -exactly- I could help with. Really now. You seem to be making your own sort of progress.

  4. Why wouldn't you be treated well? You're one of us aren't you? Once you've seen it, there's no going back.

    Would you drive up with your van and your guns shouting candy gram? I'm not sure that it would work quite as well in my heavily populated suburban neighborhood as it does in the areas you've had to rescue those kids.

    No I agree that there probably isn't much you could do to help me, all though I'm not sure what you define as progress. Seems like I've spent more time beaten up on the couch then actually doing anything. And unless you suddenly have a burning desire to learn how to call the corners or cast a circle I'm not sure what I could do for you. However, I'll make you the same offer I make everyone else. A comfortable bed and warm food. It's not a safe house, but it's mine. Everyone needs a break.

  5. I don't do people. It's a long explanation, involving Dapper's influence on my life. I highly expected my arrival here to be much more painful...Not that it hasn't been, but I feared worse.

    And no. For you, madame, I would bring roses, wine and no candygrams to be seen, unless you enjoy chocolates. I do have my standards, after all.

  6. *laughs* You must really like the idea of that home cooked meal.

  7. If I didn't offer a place for people to stay, you would not have been able to sleep in a bed instead of an alleyway for a week.

    And speaking of common sense, did it ever occur to you that there was a reason I haven't posted that you were gone? That perhaps I felt it was safer if no one knew I was alone again?


  8. I do like home cooked meals, really.

    And Darren, if I'd wanted to kill anyone, you'd probably know about it by now. If you'd like Kay, I could have someone stay with you? Gruff, quiet, would probably do housework?

    I'll have him bring the flowers.

  9. Honestly Mr. Spender, I'd prefer to reserve my space for people like us, runners, fighters, and whatever category I fall into. I do appreciate the offer of a guard though.

    And Darren thinks everyone is going to kill me. He also thinks everyone is going to kill him. Comes with the territory of being a runner.

  10. Understandable. I can at least appreciate the sentiment.

    I hope you're finding yourself well in his absence however. I'm willing to render any aid you need.

  11. Treat it like a joke all you want kid, I wasn't the one getting tossed around by a muscle bound mook like a sack of potatoes about to be dragged off to Rapeland.

    Hey Spender, if you're serious about wanting to help her, send someone there anyway. This chick lacks the logic needed to stay alive in this game. She's lucky as hell and cooks like a dream, but neither of those are gonna keep her alive forever.

  12. If she wanted the help, I would have someone over there in a heartbeat...After a few hundred mile drive, of course.

    But I also know when I'm risking having one of my men knocked out with a frying pan or called the Police on.

  13. this is me saying hello:

    -waves- hello Kay! my name is Valerie and i also live in jersey. small world, eh? XD

    while going through your blog, i noticed a guy called aFacelessKing commenting a few times. protip: do not trust a single thing he says. he is either a proxy or a poser/troll, i haven't decided which yet.

    other than that mild word of warning, i find your approach to this whole situation quite refreshing. i've dabbled in the arcane myself, so i know the principles are sound. the phrase "fight fire with fire" comes to mind.

  14. Hi Valerie, nice to meet you. North or South? I would ask what exit, but that's too much info to post in a public area like this.

    I am not currently listening to him. He seemed like he was trying to be helpful at first, but the more he speaks the more he disturbs me. After seeing some of the things he had on YouTube, I am leaning towards psycho or proxy myself.

    And yes, that particular phrase is quite the effect I'm hoping to discover.