Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Better late then never

So here are the results of Experiment 1. I’m a bit late on it, but I wanted to add in a few extra days since the injuries I received and the drugs I took for them might have screwed with the results for two of the nights. I am pleased with the results so far and I’m going to call this result possible. Here’s the log I wrote each morning. 

Full disclosure:  I did not have any nightmares before the experiment began, so do not take the ability of these crystals to limit the HA’s nightmares as gospel until you have tested them out yourself.

Experiment 1
Certain crystals are good for aiding preventing nightmare.  Certain crystals are good at deflecting negative energy. Certain crystals are good for protection.  The goal with this experiment was to find an optimal combination that would protect the unconscious mind from whatever influence the HA uses to make us have nightmares about it and/or move us about in our sleep. 

Night 1
Slept with a piece of amethyst, which is believed to prevent nightmares. No nightmares, but woke up just before exiting the house. 

Night 2
Slept with a piece of amethyst and a piece of citrine, which is believed to prevent nightmares as well as protect from them. Woke up six times in the night, but as far as I can tell I did not leave my bed.  Overwhelming feeling of some kind of presence when waking, but no visuals. Possible that the HA was attempting to exert its influence and the gem combination blocked it. 

Night 3
Slept with amethyst and citrine. Added a piece of hematite, known for protection and grounding and a piece of clear quartz for all over body healing. I do not believe the quartz had any effect on the experiment’s results. Slept the whole night through, but results may be contaminated due to the large amount of injuries I received that night. 

Night 4
Slept with the amethyst, citrine, hematite, and quartz. Slept through the night, but results may again have been contaminated due the drugs I took to aid with pain and sleep and that night. 

Night 5
Slept with the amethyst, citrine, hematite, and quartz. No drugs besides aspirin. Woke up four times, but only once did I have the sense of the presence in the room. The other times can be attributed to rolling over onto various injuries in my sleep. 

Night 6
Results very similar to Night 5. Woke up five times, twice with the sense of presence. 

At this point I feel confident in saying that the combination of amethyst, citrine, and hematite is a good protective measure against the HA’s ability to make you move about in your sleep. I do not know if it protects against any sort of teleportation ability. Feel free to add the quartz if you want to be careful, but as it is not a known crystal for sleep or nightmare protection., I do not currently believe it has any effects other than helping my body’s healing process along. 

As I am currently determining the status of this theory as possible, please continue to take any other precautions you would normally use while sleeping. Personally, I’m thinking about getting a camera to just to see if I can turn the status from possible to success. 

Other news, still hurting pretty bad, but am moving along at an expected recovery rate. Ribs still hurt, but breathing is getting easier. Going to work yesterday went about the way I expected. Didn’t go in today because we’re having another storm and the conditions of the roads scare the piss out of me. 

In the wide world of blogging for our lives, Robert wants to try to unify everyone. Good luck to him. Wants to group people’s mentality into fighters, runners, hiding, confused, and hallowed. For myself how about none of the above? Fighter would probably be closest, but I can’t call myself a fighter, maybe more of a very loud protestor.  Still I’ll do what I can. That’s something I’ve been giving a lot of thought too lately. What can I do? I’ve got the experiments, but I feel like there has got to be something more.  I’ve got some thoughts, but I think I need to complete one or two more experiments first. Will update here once I’ve reach some concrete decisions. 

And I just gotta say to all of you that are posting, thank you. I need to be able to log on and see that there are people fighting and surviving. I think without you guys I’d be falling apart even worse then I already have. It doesn't matter if you know I'm reading or not. You're there and it makes all the difference.

ETA 2/7/2011

I am currently recommending the addition of obsidian to the crystal mix. Please see the post from this date to see why.


  1. The fruit of your labor CERTAINLY is DELICIOUS

    Thanks for posting the results.

  2. So was your comment intentionally creepy or am I just that paranoid after the freaky comment left on my last post?

  3. Nicely done.I suppose it's good I have those on me, huh?

    What about Tiger's Eye?

  4. Tiger's Eye was actually next on the list if adding hematite to the combo didn't work, but I was satisfied enough with the results I was getting that I decided to publish what I had so far. I say go ahead and add it in. It's a good strong stone and if doesn't help it certainly won't hurt.

  5. @ Kay, It was intentionally creepy.

  6. @Ygg Wanna explain why so before I kick you off my blog? Looking at your blog, you don't seem to be one its toys, so why in the name of the hell we are stuck in are you gonna come over to my blog and try to freak me out?

  7. @aFacelessKing Good choice. I'll listen. For now.

  8. No no, I'm sorry Kay. I meant creepy - funny. I wasn't trying to scare you and I should have been more sensitive. Sorry.

  9. Fair enough. I'm probably overly sensitive right now. It's been a rough time lately.

  10. Nah, my fault. I've been trying to stop cracking jokes lately. Long story short it's hard.

  11. Jokes are good. Certain styles of humor just don't always get the laughs written that they would out loud. Don't stop making jokes, it's one of the only things we can use to keep ourselves sane.

  12. Alright, I hear you loud and clear.

  13. Or you just don't remember writing that. Either way, I hope you get your memories back. You may not remember me, but I'm still on your side.